Is Online Learning For You?

In order to be successful in an online course, not only do you have to have basic technology skills and resources, you also need to have some understanding about online courses and be prepared to learn in a different way. One misconception is that online classes are easier than traditional, face-to-face classes. This is not the case. You should expect to spend as much time studying and doing homework in an online class as you do in a traditional class.

Our Online Courses meet the same criteria as our Traditional Courses...The course objectives and curriculum for online education are the same as for on-campus classes; it is simply the method of delivery which is different. Students who take online education courses generally say they are the same difficulty or more difficult than courses on campus. This is because online education students need to be self-motivated and have good study skills. Most online education students are working toward a specific educational goal.

If you're eligible to enroll in a De Anza College traditional course, you can enroll in an online course...Anyone who is eligible to enroll in the community college may enroll in online education courses (age 18 + or a high school graduate), but students are encouraged to self-select themselves based on their own background and skills.

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