How to Find a Place to Live

Like most community colleges, De Anza does not operate dormitories or student residences.  Most students look for apartments or homes to rent in the area around campus.

The International Student Programs Housing Guide contains listings and tips for places where you can look for temporary and long-term rentals, as well as other types of housing in the area. 

De Anza ISP Housing Guide

Rental Listings

The ISP office will share any listings for apartments or rooms for rent on the Facebook page Apartments and rooms for rent within the De Anza community are shared on Facebook with the De Anza International Students Group. This group is a good way to connect with other international students.  You can find listings that are posted by other students or community residents, and you can post your own ads with the group. Be sure to read the tips in the Local Housing Guide above before entering into any lease agreement!

De Anza International Students Facebook Group


You can also check with a private company called International Student Placements, which arranges "homestays" with local residents who let students stay in their homes for a fee.

These homestays can provide daily meals (usually breakfast and dinner) and serve as excellent opportunities for students to learn more about the American culture and improve their English skills.  If you prefer to live on your own or with other students (and you are 18 years or older), you can also ask  International Student Placements about apartment and shared housing options.

Questions About Homestays

The homestay program is not operated by De Anza College, so you must contact the organizers directly if you have any questions about their program

International Student Programs at De Anza College does not assign, endorse or promote any housing arrangement. Information provided is strictly for advising purposes only. Any housing arrangement carries with it conditions which are beyond the college's control.

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