More About Villages

Want to know more about the Villages Initiative? Here are some answers to a number of questions you may have. You can also explore the student-facing Villages website at

Meet the Villages Launch Team

Co-Leads: Brian Malone and Anu Khanna

  • Artistic Expression: Debee Armstrong, Julie Hughes, Betty Inoue, Daniel Smith, Chia Wen
  • Business and Finance: Maritza Arreola, Manisha Karia, Helen Pang, Andrea Santa Cruz
  • Health and Life Sciences: Bob Kalpin, Anita Muthyala-Kandula, Tom Nguyen, Chanel Huynh
  • Languages and Communication: Veronica Aparicio, Thomas Ray, Casie Wheat, Felisa Vilaubi, Anne Marie Waldsmith
  • Physical Sciences and Technology: Yvette Campbell, Sandra Magallon, Terrence Mullens, Khoa Nguyen, Alejandra Rueda Guerrero
  • Social Sciences and Humanities: Keri Kirkpatrick, So Kam Lee, Elvin Ramos, Leah Smith, Susan Thomas

Each name in boldface is the point person for their Village group.

  • What are the meta-majors? How were they determined?

  • How will students choose a meta-major? What about undeclared students? Can students change their minds?

  • Why Villages? What is the goal of the Villages? What will Villages provide?

  • Who belongs to each Village?

  • What will Villages be doing? Who is determining the programming?

  • What is the Welcome Day schedule?

  • What is the goal of Welcome Day for the Villages?

  • What types of activities are the Villages programming for Welcome Day?

  • If students are in Villages for Welcome Day, how will they learn about other programs or services?

  • What are individual departments doing on Welcome Day?

  • Who is participating in Welcome Day? Is it required or optional?

  • How will students learn about Welcome Day and the Villages?

  • What are the majors within each Village? 

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