Introducing Guided Pathways Villages

Inspired by the well-known aphorism – “It takes a village” to support a student – the Villages initiative invites students to actively participate in a Village that corresponds to their Guided Pathways meta-major.

The six meta-majors were developed over the last two years as part of the collegewide Guided Pathways project, which is led by an interdisciplinary core team with participation and input from a broad range of college constituencies. They were reviewed and approved through the shared governance process.

Welcome Day 2021: Survey Results

The Office of Communications surveyed students, instructors and classified professionals to get their feedback on this year’s event, which drew nearly 1,000 students on the Friday before fall classes began.

  • Most students said they found useful information about their Village and about departments, services or clubs
  • Students said they enjoyed meeting instructors and other students
  • While most students (nearly 80%) said they had enough time to accomplish what they wanted on Welcome Day, some said they wished they could have attended more sessions that were scheduled at overlapping times.

View all the survey results here:

Villages and Community

Drawing on De Anza’s success with Learning Communities, the six Villages are designed to provide focused academic engagement, student services and social support for students.

In each Village, students will find a community of peers as well as classified professionals and faculty members who share and understand their academic interests and are committed to supporting their success. For the fall quarter, the Villages’ primary focus will be on welcoming students, orienting them to their meta-majors and to the college, and building a sense of community through shared activities.

In future quarters, the Villages will integrate additional campus resources, including student services, clubs and organizations, and designated physical spaces for each Village.

Welcome Day: Discover Your Village

Students were introduced to the Villages concept during this year's Welcome Day event on Sept. 17, which encouraged them to participate in the coming year. The Villages Launch Team – an interdisciplinary group of classified professionals, faculty members and students from across the college – is developing engaging and interactive online activities to welcome students to each Village.

The Launch Team will also be reaching out to all employees with an invitation to get involved in a Village. Participation by classified professionals and faculty members will be essential to building these new communities through the coming year.

Learn More About Villages

  • Please visit the Villages FAQs webpage for more information and a complete list of Launch Team members.
  • If you have questions or would like to get involved, please click this yellow button to open the online Villages Contact Form.

Villages Contact Form

Zoom Backgrounds for Guided Pathways and Villages

The Office of Communications has created special Zoom backgrounds for Guided Pathways – and for each Village. You can view and download them from the Guided Pathways Zoom backgrounds webpage.

More About Guided Pathways

One good way to understand Guided Pathways – and how it's being implemented at De Anza – is to examine the four pillars of the project.

Clarify the Path

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Create clear pathways to employment and further education.

Get On the Path

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Help each student choose and enter a pathway.

Stay On the Path

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Help students stay on their paths.

Ensure Learning

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Ensure that students learn with intentional outcomes.

Meet the Core Team

Want to know more about how Guided Pathways was developed at De Anza? Visit the Core Team webpage for a list of team members and links to meeting agendas.

What Are Guided Pathways?

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“Guided Pathways” is the name for an educational model that creates a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to student success.

The idea is to provide clear pathways and integrated support – both academic and nonacademic – to guide students forward through a seemingly vast array of programs, majors and other options. This means

checkboxProviding all students with a set of clear course-taking patterns that promotes better enrollment decisions and prepares students for success

toolsIntegrating support services to make it easier for students to get the help they need during every step of their college experience


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