The De Anza Academic Senate
 Approved Notes for the meeting of

October 5th, 2009

Senators and Officers present: Anderson, Annen, Argyriou, Beckum,  Botsford, Brennan, Cordero, Glapion, Larson, Lathers, Lee-Klawender, Maynard, McNamara, Nickel, Roberts, Setziol, Schaffer, Sherby, Stockwell, Swanner, and Tao

Senators and Officers absent: Goodwin, Hanna, Mjelde, and Singh

District Senate President:

DASB: Classified Senate: Administrative Liaison: Rich Schroeder

Guests: Brian Murphy, Beth Burruss, Isabel Barientos Vargas, and José Romero

SLO coordinators: 

Curriculum Co Chair: 

[NOTE: Item numbers are reflective of agenda numbers in the order they are actually taken up at the meeting.]

The meeting was called to order at 2:30, a quorum being present.  

I. Approval of Agenda and Notes: The agenda was approved as distributed.


The notes of September 28h were approved as distributed with corrections to the roster and attendance section and the addition of language clarifying the need for answers to questions about proposed changes in scheduling evening classes.

II. Needs and Confirmations: There were no confirmations. Instead, Lee-Klawender highlighted the need for faculty on the Professional Development Leave Committee, the Accreditation Standards committees, and others.

III. Orientation: Argyriou led the group through the numerous areas of Academic Senate responsibility pursuant to the California Education Code, Title 5, and Board Policy. There were numerous questions and several suggestions for possible changes regarding Tenure Review, administrator hiring, and administrator retreat rights. She also mentioned that the officers should have reminded the Senators they had the responsibility to speak for the thoughts and experiences of all departments in their divisions when participating in discussions such as the one September 28th about the timeframe and goals for SLO assessment work.


IV. Opening Day Feedback: The most common thread among comments was that the lack of a lunch time get together was regrettable. It was not about the food and some said they would be happy to pay for lunch.


V. Pay to Stay: Argyriou and Setziol outlined problems with the Pay to Stay policy and the history of Academic Senate opposition to it. Others also contributed comments like consideration for students who are in a kind of catch 22 where A) they can easily not realize the existence of the policy and where some scholarships do not even begin processing the forms for students to receive financial support until after proof of registration is presented. Argyriou stated that administration was open to change but wanted an alternative policy. Suggestions were requested. The officers request ideas from the Senators and will draft something on the subject. 


VI. Follow up Report to ACCJC: Argyriou went over her reasons for not agreeing on behalf of the faculty to the goal of having 1/3 of all assessments of all required SLOs completed in the current academic year. She also mentioned that the overall time frame had been presented as being over three years but, in reality, it is considerably less than that with only four quarters identified within which to do the work. [NOTE: President Murphy, during Item VII, said that Anne’s action on this item was appropriate given her responsibility.] It was suggested that the situation was not as negative as some might think in that a goal had been set but any lack of attainment of that goal may be explained by lack of support which, in turn, could be explained by lack of funding.


VII. Inter College Transfer of Faculty:  A document produced by the officers was distributed while Argyriou was giving a disclaimer about it due to its hurried creation partially being mere minutes before the meeting. The document was characterized as being closer to a listing of points of discussion rather than an actual first draft of a document intended for wider distribution. President Murphy participated in the discussion and assisted Argyriou in explaining the need for something in this area and for some of the points in the RRRRough draft.


VIII. Developmental Education Task Force: Anderson largely presented the item and stressed that while it is true that three external grants are providing approximately 11 million, developmental education involves a lot of academic support from areas having been cut or likely to be cut in the near future. Volunteers are still needed for the task force.


IX. Senate Plans for the Year: Argyriou mentioned a few plans for the year and asked for suggestions. A revisitation of items begun or announced for this year plus new suggestions will be merged into a document which will assist the group in formulating future agendas and in identifying priorities. A draft document will be produced by the officers for the October 12th meeting.


X . Good of the Order and Announcements: José Romero from the Students for Justice was present to announce a teach in and demonstration against cuts in education funding organized by students. The event will be October 27th.

The meeting was, surprisingly, adjourned on time at 4:30.


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