The De Anza Academic Senate
Approved Notes for the meeting of

June 1st, 2009

Senators and Officers present: Argyriou, Botsford, Brennan, Cadge-Moore, Cichanski, Coleman, Cordero, Dolen, Glapion, D. Guevara, J. Guevara, Hanna, Hughes, Lee-Klawender, Lathers, Logvinenko, Maynard, Miller, Mitchell, Setziol, Sherby, and Winters

Senators and Officers absent: Beckum, Goodwin, LaManque, Mjelde, Swanner, and White,

DASB: Classified Senate:

Administrative Liaison: Rich Schroeder

Guests: Karl Schaffer and Mike Appio SLO coordinators:

Curriculum Co Chair: Anu Khanna

[NOTE: Item numbers are reflective of agenda numbers in the order they are actually taken up at the meeting.]

The meeting was called to order at 2:33, a quorum being present.

I. Approval of Agenda and Notes: The agenda was approved as distributed.

The notes of May 18th were approved with one correction to the attendance portion.

President Murphy was in attendance to share some information and to make a significant request. As information, Murphy focused on legislative advocacy efforts on Sacramento. 13,000 phone calls had apparently been made as of the 2:30 meeting. [Note: later in the day the number had climbed to 16,000+.] Among other aspects of the budget for community colleges, he mentioned an anticipated cut of approximately $500 million in general apportionment. He then translated that level of cut to the District where we would be facing cuts somewhere in the vicinity of $18 million.

His significant request was for the Executive Committee to continue to meet on into the summer, primarily to be responsible for recommending cuts to and or elimination of programs.

II. Needs and Confirmations: The officers will reconsider the recommendation of the person to serve as the District Senate President in the 2009-2010 year.

Hughes was confirmed for service on the Disciplinary Hearing Board. Cadge-Moore was confirmed for service on the General Education Steering Committee beginning in the Fall.

III. Elections Committee Update: Mitchell announced that Argyriou, Beckum, and Setziol were all reelected to their current positions.

IV. Hybrid Course Scheduling Update: Argyriou and Khanna reported that the plan previously announced could see only partial implementation simply because those involved "simply ran out of time." She also mentioned that June 3rd was the deadline for course approval for any course designated as a distance learning Course under the current guidelines i.e. any course containing any amount of distance or on line instruction.

V. Funding request for Cap and Gown Rentals: After a brief introduction by Argyriou it was MSC(Mitchell/Hanna) to donate $400.

VII. IPBT Update: Lee-Klawender reported that the IPBT had changed from identifying classified positions for elimination to identifying programs for possible reduction and elimination. She mentioned a document which showed those instructional programs on record as having a WSCH/FTEF ratio of less than 500. Argyriou and Setziol cited this as the reason the group was asked to meet into the summer. Many in the room spoke, obviously realizing the seriousness of the situation. Keeping in mind the needs of the students the college has been trying to attract and serve was said to be imperative. There were differing views but the sense of the senate was that the work needed to be done.

VI. Academic Integrity Committee Report: Just as the item was about to start, Michele LeBleu Burns ran out of the time she had to be present. A brochure showing the work of that committee was distributed. LeBleu Burns said she would return for the meeting of June 8th and asked the Senators to read the brochure.

VIII. Budget Discussions over the Summer: The officers presented the case for the group meeting during the summer, meeting, perhaps, once at the beginning and end of July and communicating via electronic mail between and after those two times. As summed up by several people during the discussion, programs will be cut whether the group meets or not and the group has the primary reliance responsibility for the curriculum of the college. Eliminating programs and or significantly affecting the offerings at the college constitutes changing the curriculum of the college. Some reservations were stated about identifying programs for possible elimination or curtailment but the Sense of the Senate was that it was the responsibility of the group to meet.

IX. Professional Relations: Setziol distributed and presented a document calling for sweeping changes to the charge to the Professional Relations Committee. He called for and answered a few questions of clarification but, this being a first reading of something not previously distributed, he said that the main discussion would be at a subsequent meeting. A brief discussion included the need for the Professional Relations Committee to provide information and other aids promoting reasonable if not good relations among faculty.

X. Academic Freedom: Argyriou spoke to the draft document previously distributed but other than pointing to the probability of the Foothill Senate wanting to reinstate the previously appearing single sentence paragraph, the item was held over.

XI. Receptions for Newly Tenured Faculty and Senators: These receptions will be combined into one held Monday, June 15th.

XII. Good of the Order and Announcements: - The senators were reminded of Retirement parties for Ulysses Pichon, Thursday, June 4th and Winters, Friday, June 12th.

- The General Education Steering Committee will be looking at the alignment between Institutional Core Competencies and the General Education Pattern.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:33.
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