The De Anza Academic Senate
 Approved Notes for the meeting of

 March 8th , 2010

Senators and Officers present: Anderson,  Argyriou, Beckum, Botsford, Brennan, Cordero, Glapion, Goodwin, Guevara, Larson, Lee-Klawender, Maynard, McNamara, Mjelde, Nickel, Norte, Roberts, Setziol, Singh, Stockwell, Swanner, and Tao

Senators and Officers absent:  Annen, Beggs, Hanna, Lathers, Nengo, and Schaffer

District Senate President: Alex Kramer

DASB: Classified Senate:

Administrative Liaison: Rich Schroeder Guests:  Jackie Reza, Howard Irvin, and Marcia Maiero

SLO coordinators: Curriculum Co Chair:

[NOTE: Item numbers are reflective of agenda numbers in the order they are actually taken up at the meeting.]


 The meeting was called to order at 2:34, a quorum being present. 

I. Approval of Agenda and Notes: The agenda was approved as distributed with a change in item IV (Academic Probation) from Information and Discussion to Action.

The draft notes of March1st were approved as distributed with minor corrections.

II. Needs and Confirmations: There were no confirmations. Instead, Lee-Klawender reminded the group of multiple committee needs.

III. Tenure Review Training: Tenure Review Coordinator Marcia Maiero and Staff Development Director distributed and spoke to a flyer announcing a pair of tenure review training opportunities. They also spoke to the idea that tenure review committees should be in place at the same time new faculty are hired and reminded the Senators that the pool for at large faculty positions on tenure review committees to be populated by faculty from departments across the campus.

IV. Academic Probation proposal:  After the distribution of a document by the officers and an extensive and stimulating discussion, the proposal by the counseling department to change the course of Academic Probation intervention strategies and extend the maximum timeframe leading to possible dismissal from three quarters to five was approved.

V. Teaching and Learning Conference: Anderson and Norte distributed a draft announcement of this year's conference and began a presentation exemplifying the methodology intended for the conference. The presentation was well received as were the chips being passed around, delicately resisted by some in the group.

VI. Faculty Hiring Committees: The officers displayed the current policy and procedures for forming Search and Selection Committees (last updated in 2007) and walked the group through it. Each year it appears that members of the faculty and the administration can benefit from a review of the policies and procedures involved in faculty hiring. It was noted that the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering division has only one representative at the current time and that the one representative happened not to be present at the meeting to hear the presentation on proper observance of Search and Selection Committee faculty member selection, an issue about which he had stated a concern March 1st.


VII. FACCC Advocacy and Policy Conference Report: Argyriou, Goodwin (AKA Goodman), and Stockwell reported on their experiences. The focus of the conference thematically was the policy question of categorical programs and the funding of them. Some legislators appear to be demanding that these programs need to justify their existence by proving their effectiveness. In addition to the main policy discussion, the De Anza trio along with Alex Giardino and Rich Hansen attended meetings with local legislators and agreed that State Senator Ira Ruskin was particularly impressive. They also mentioned that students present were impressive and that there are two proposed initiatives making their way through the signature process which deal with eliminating the 2/3 vote requirement in the California legislature for budget and taxation items.

VIII. Senate President's Report: Argyriou reported on a long and extremely thorough accreditation workshop she and Lee-Klawender attended. She also reported on the most recent Board of Trustees meeting at which the Multicultural Staff Association statement (accepted by the Executive Committee) was presented to the Board. Also at the meeting, it was announced that eight faculty members had achieved tenured status and that others, including the Executive Committee's own Mark Larson were advanced to phase 3 status. [Note: at this point the group was reminded that this announcement annually triggers the planning of a reception hosted by the Executive Committee for new tenure recipients.] The topic of Professional Development Leave (PDL) for faculty and the parallel system for classified staff was raised again and again the Faculty Association President responded by saying that to target PDLs was to solve a large problem at the expense of only a few people. The College Council received a first draft of a proposed new College Mission Statement.

X. IPBT Update: Lee-Klawender displayed an account of the IPBT plan to examine released and reassigned time in pursuit of a $200,000 savings. The plan includes an all day meeting (Friday, March 12th) during which those with released and or reassigned time are invited to speak.


XI. Wrap Up: There was none


XII. Good of the Order and Announcements: The item was not taken up.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30



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