What kind of financial aid is available?

There are five main types of financial aid available for
De Anza students: Grants, Waivers, Loans, Scholarships and Student Jobs.

In addition, the  De Anza College Promise covers all tuition and fees for two years, and provides $500 each year toward books and materials, for eligible students. 

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Remember to apply for the De Anza College Promise: Eligible students get free tuition and fees for two years, plus $1,000 that you can use for books, materials or even a computer!

With most of these programs, your eligibility is determined by your income and financial need. In some cases, scholarships are based on other factors, such as your personal background, academic performance or educational goals.

Note: Undocumented students are eligible for state aid under the California Dream Act, as well as for some private scholarships, but may not qualify for federal assistance programs.

In addition to Financial Aid, there are other ways that students on a limited budget can reduce their college expenses. Check out these tips on how to make your book dollars go further.


Here are the main types of financial aid:


Federal and state grants provide money that students aren't required to repay. These programs include the federal Pell Grant and SEOG, as well as the state Cal Grant and EOPS programs.

Fee Waivers (California College Promise)

The "California College Promise" is the new name for what used to be called the Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver. This program, which is different from the De Anza College Promise, waives enrollment fees for eligible community college students. But there are some conditions.


Loans provide money that students must pay back, with interest, over a period of time. The Federal Direct Loan program is designed for students from low- and middle-income families. There is also a Direct PLUS Loan program for parents of dependent students.


Scholarships are usually private funds that are given to students, often on a competitive basis. You may have to meet certain requirements to apply. The first step is to see what's available.

Student Jobs

The federal Work-Study program pays for eligible students to work in certain part-time in jobs on campus. The college also employs students for other positions, including jobs in the Bookstore, Dining Services, Library, Student Success Center and academic departments.

De Anza College Promise 

The De Anza College Promise guarantees that eligible low-income students can get the first year of their college education free at De Anza. This program waives fees, provides $500 for books and offers additional support.


Terms and Conditions

Please note: Each type of financial aid has important terms and conditions that you must follow. See this page for details.

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