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You should understand these rules and, if you have any questions, contact the Financial Aid office.

Criteria for Student Eligibility

While there are many requirements that comprise total student eligibility, you can read a summary under the heading "About Eligibility," elsewhere on this webpage. You will find additional information on the FAFSA application or by speaking with a financial aid representative.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

SAP requirements vary between colleges, although they all comprise some basic levels of GPA and progress requirements. To fully understand the SAP policy at De Anza College, please review our Maintaining Eligibility webpage. You will also find a summary table posted on your MyPortal account. Financial aid representatives are available for any needed clarification.

Method and Frequency of Disbursement 

Please carefully review the Accepting Your Award and  Funding Dates webpages to understand when the regularly scheduled disbursements happen each quarter and for each financial aid fund type. Some students will not receive a refund on the regular schedule during their first quarter, depending on when their file is completed, but they will receive it in a subsequent week. The Accepting Your Award webpage also provides necessary information for selecting how you want to receive your financial aid refunds De Anza College. Please seek answers to any questions from a financial aid representative.

Federal Work-Study

While the federal Work-Study program has federal eligibility requirements, there are also some specific requirements listed on our Student Jobs webpage. Work-Study funds are limited and often run out quickly. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions.

Direct Loan

Please review the Entrance Counseling information, including terms and necessity to pay, and the Exit Counseling information, including the sample repayment schedule, that you will find on the federal Student Loans website.

Exit Interview

Because many students enter and leave the college every quarter, we require an Exit Interview whenever a student loan borrower drops below six units of enrollment. This can be waived if the student enrolls in six or more units in the following quarter. However, completing the Exit Interview can provide a helpful reminder of your responsibilities and your total debt level.

Confirm Your Understanding

Once you have reviewed the above Terms and Conditions, please sign into your MyPortal account and visit your financial aid award page. Click on the "Terms and Conditions" tab to confirm that you have read and understand these rules or sought answers to any questions that you have. 

About Eligibility

To be eligible for financial aid, you generally must show the following

  • Financial need

  • U.S. citizenship, federal status as an "eligible noncitizen" or – for state aid – qualification under the California Dream Act

  • No current defaults on student loans and no outstanding amounts owed to any financial aid office

  • Enrollment or acceptance in an eligible program for the purpose of obtaining a degree or certificate (or transfer)

  • High school diploma, GED certificate, state certificate of proficiency, home school diploma or previous qualification through testing or completion of degree-applicable units

  • Satisfactory academic progress

Male students also must satisfy Selective Service requirements for draft registration.  

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