The Biology 6 Series

The biology series is comprised of three courses that are taken in order:

  • Biology 6A- Form and Function in the Biological World (offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters)
  • Biology 6B- Cell and Molecular Biology (offered in Winter and Spring quarters)
  • Biology 6C- Ecology and Evolution (offered in Spring and Summer quarters)

Classes I Teach

Fall 2022

00241BIOL 6A05YForm and Function in the Biological World
00243BIOL 6A06YForm and Function in the Biological World
26053BIOL 1003YIntroductory Biology
26054BIOL 1004YIntroductory Biology
25398BIOL 87Y65RSpecial Projects in Biology Education

Faculty Info

Elizabeth McPartlan with students at seashore

Elizabeth McPartlan



SC 1208

Office Hours

Winter 2019

12:30-1:20 MTWTh

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