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May Day Flyer

May Day: International Workers Day 

Monday, April 26th, 2021


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About the Event 

May Day, also known as International Worker’s Day, is celebrated to honor the struggle for working people’s rights. It began as a worldwide display of solidarity following the 1886 Haymarket Rally in Chicago where unionized workers were killed while striking in support of the 8-hour workday. Since 2006 it has also been a time to actively protest for the rights of immigrants. De Anza College asks you to participate in this event highlighting the history of the fight for the rights of workers and immigrants, the contributions of essential workers, and become more familiar with what it has meant for many of us to be in unions.

For More information: Cynthia Kaufman KaufmanCynthia@deanza.edu

Presented by VIDA (Vasconcellos Institute of Democracy and Action) and Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education


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VIDA's mission is to empower students to become agents of change in their communities and beyond; to foster education that meets the needs of the communities we serve; and to help develop pathways to meaningful participation in local, state, and federal government decision making processes.

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Stand Up for Black Lives and Against White Supremacy

slogan of black lives matter and a supportive message from VIDA

We need to keep fighting for change until the police no longer serve the interests of white supremacy. White supremacy remains a core part of every aspect of our society, from who gets loans for homes, to who is protected from COVID-19, to who is protected by police, and who is murdered by them. We will not stop our work until no more Black and Brown people are murdered by the police. We will not stop our work until White Supremacy is completely uprooted from our society. 

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students at state capitolVIDA could not exist without generous supporters who believe in the power of civic engagement. After the death of Senator Vasconcellos,  VIDA received an extraordinary pledge to perpetuate the vision of the Institute of Community and Civic Engagement. Community members Jim and Becky Morgan pledged a challenge grant of $198,000 over three years in honor of Senator Vasconcellos' long history of civic work. Your gift will help the program match their generous donation.

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